Therapeutic Products

Bio Flush
A compound developed to assist in the removal of large amounts of mucus and inflammation, as well as breaking up tumors, masses and cysts throughout the entire system.

*Only sold in therapy package*

Is used for diabetes or and high amounts of glucose in the system. The DBT is great for naturally reducing sugar in the blood and assists in enabling the pancreas to begin proper function.

*Only sold in therapy packages*


Specializing in the removal of toxins throughout the body, the CC4 is a detoxifier that allows proper bowel movements and removes yeast, acids and obstructions in the colon area. Great for poor digestion and constipation.

*Only sold in therapy packages*

Fluid Flush
Is a mineral based compound and because its is a natural diuretic this formula can be used for flushing excessive fluid from the entire body such as water retention.

*Only sold in therapy package*

Detox Flush

This compound is used to increasing bowel movements, cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive system.

*Only sold in therapy packages*
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